Dr. Phadke’s personal philosophy on learning is that it never ends, and true learning begins through questioning all things and ideals. He once told me that to truly understand the topic of Ayurveda you must sit down at a table with experts in many fields, like pharmacology, herbalism, western medicine, surgery, astrology, and poetry. Once you have discussed the topic with them for some years, you will start to understand the topic.


This book will introduce you to Dr. Phadke’s ideas on formulation and give you a basic understanding of how Ayurveda works. You will get the “rebel’s” perspective which may be different from other practitioners. But, not to question their understanding of Ayurveda would go against the very foundation of the science of Ayurveda, because, like all science, it is continually questioning, exploring, and expanding.


Edited by Jason Edwards

Rebel Herbs A Rebel’s Perspective on Staying Healthy with the Herbs of Ayurveda

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