The Brain Bundle is the amazing formula #68 Nuroade capsule paired with Ashwagandha dual extracted powder or you can upgrade and get Ashwagandha capsules for just a few dollars more. 


Nuroade is a blend of 5 incredible herbs that separately are powerhouses but together they are an unstoppable brain tonic that will help you maintain a strong and healthy memory, recall and focus.  


Ashwagandha is the greatest adaptogen in the world and helps to combat the ravages of stress improving the brain's ability to think and function even under extreme stress.  


Together they are an incredible synergistic brain booster - the Brain Bundle comes with a month's supply of formula #68 Nuroade and our dual extracted ashwagandha powder, with the option to upgrade for a few more dollars to Ashwagandha capsules if you want the convenience of a capsule instead of making a beverage daily with the powder.  Both are a month's supply and both are the same dual extracted certified organic ashwagandha root.


Select your bundle below and consider making this a monthly subscription so you never forget to restock (plus you save even more and get free shipping).

Brain Health Bundle

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