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  • #66 Nuroade Herbal Vapor kit


    #66 Nuroade Herbal Vapor kit with 2 cartridges filled with Nuroade blend, a rechargeable battery and USB charger, is a patent pending modern dhum pan (medicinal smoking in Ayurveda).  This product can help maintain a healthy memory.
    In Ayurveda there is a tradition of smoking herbs for health, this is called “Dhum Pan” which is smoking therapeutic herbs. This makes sense when we consider that the lungs are a quick pathway to the body and the bloodstream that skips digestion. Our patent pending herbal vapors use the pure CO2 extracts and/or essential oils from traditional therapeutic herbs to allow the consumer to experience Dhum Pan without actual smoke. This leap forward in technology gives us access to an ancient method while avoiding the potential health consequences of breathing in the smoke produced through the combustion of plant material.


    Our product contains no propylene glycol, no vegetable glycerin, no synthetic carriers, and no chemical solvents. Made using only 100 percent natural oils and extracts.

    SKU: RH2066
    • Kit (2 Cartridges, Battery and Charger)
      Flax (seed) extract ††◊, celastrus paniculatus (fruit) extract ††◊, turmeric (rhisome) extract ††◊, 
      bacopa monnieri (leaf) extract ††◊, and pandanus (flower) extract ††◊.

      †† Supercritical CO2 Extract 
      ◊   Certified Organic

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