Queen of Herbs

Holy Basil is an herb whose botanical name is Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum and is known as the Queen of Herbs.  In the Hindu religion, it is known as Tulsi and is a huge part of their daily worship.

But holy basil is found and used throughout Asia and was used in Europe as trade began to bring it there from the British Empire.  The Greek Orthodox used holy basil to sanctify their holy water used in weekly worship.

This amazing herb has nearly magically properties in that is has such broad-reaching health benefits that we have not started using it to the full potential and most people have a hard time imagining that the benefits are even true.

I first learned about holy basil while I was working at New Chapter and a small health food store in Cincinnati started promoting it for weight loss and stress.  At that time very few companies offered it and the magazine Women's World had an article about it which was like getting an endorsement from Dr. Oz at that time.

One of the key factors that make holy basil such a broad benefit is its ability to help control cortisol in the body.  This stress hormone is vital when in life and death situations but if it is consistently pushed into our bodies it can cause anxiety, weight gain, pain, and other issues.

We are not allowed to talk much about its antimicrobial activity because this email is an official email and could be considered advertising by the FDA and FTC so I encourage you to do some research on holy basil's activity on microorganisms and the far-reaching health benefits.

A great discussion that Dr. Sweet and Dr. Healy had on holy basil can be found here VIDEO LINK It is a technical discussion for healthcare professionals but if you want to learn more it is so fascinating.

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